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yxyzqzvx   [Mar 28 Mai 2013 à 14:36]
La Fogata Tacos Huerfanitos

Dear Pat: I love La Fogata, (...) , and they have these tacos called Huerfanitos - basic refried beans with cabbage, avocado and I am not sure what else. I have tried to make them several times but cannot get it like they do. Do you happen to have this recipe? I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks.

Star R, (...) .

Dear Star: In the midst of all the holiday rush, when we're busy shopping, cooking and reveling in the season, it's great to have a quick and satisfying recipe at the ready. Happily, we have just the thing. We spoke with La Fogata's general manager, , and he assures us the Huerfanitos tacos are "very simple . and easy to do at home."

Not surprisingly, the key to the dish is La Fogata's excellent Frijoles Refritos, or refri
lklanx6q   [Jeu 01 Août 2013 à 16:12]
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