Photos And Medias From The Dark Scene

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Informations sur l'image
Nom du fichier:722A5453.JPG
Nom de l'album:admin / 2013<04<27 - Dark Underground III
Taille du fichier:101 Ko
Date d'ajout:05 Mai 2013
Dimensions:853 x 1280 pixels
Affichées:3793 fois
Balance des blancs:0
Configuration des composants:YCbCr
Correction de l'exposition:0 EV
Date et heure de la numérisation:2013:04:28 01:13:17
Date et heure de la prise de vue:2013:04:28 01:13:17
Dimension X en pixels:5760 pixels
Dimension Y en pixels:3840 pixels
EXIF Offset:360
Eléments de configuration YCbCr:Datum Point
Espace colorimétrique:sRGB
Flash:No Flash
ISO - vitesse estimée:6400
Longueur focale:105 mm
Mode d'exposition:0
Mode de mesure:Spot
Modèle:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Orientation:1: Normal (0 deg)
Programme d'exposition:Aperture Priority
Rendu personnalisé:0
Résolution X:72 dots per ResolutionUnit
Résolution Y:72 dots per ResolutionUnit
Temps d'exposition:1/160 sec
Type de capture de scène:0
Unité de résolution:Inch
Version EXIF:version 2.3
Version FlashPix:version 1
Version d'interopérabilité:8986
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yxyzqzvx   [Dim 26 Mai 2013 à 12:14]
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Being an editor is child's play for Joanna Liu. In fact, she's editor-in-chief of Voice K, the Mississauga-based magazine that's written by children, for children.

Liu, (...) , 24, has tutored kids for years at the Golden Key Cultural Centre, (...) , a tutoring facility at 3558 Erindale Station Rd. that's owned by her parents. That gave her space to work and ready access to a team of journalists between 7-15.

It's been a lot of work for the you editor, who still works for the Golden Key Culture Centre and is also completing an internship in marketing at the Mississauga Food Bank.

Liu, who has lived in Mississauga for a decade, is good at multi-tasking. She speaks Chinese, English and Japanese. She studied arts management at University of Toronto
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